Little almost-black loaf

photo: Enjoyment from Westphalian Pumpernickel. © Printemps /

Enjoyment made from Westphalian Pumpernickel. © Printemps /

‘Little black dress’ is a coinage that has long denoted that special something. In the world of ladies’ fashion, it refers to a must-have item that works for virtually any occasion.

In the country that brought you a thousand kinds of bread, ‘the little almost-black loaf’ is one of its oldest and most well-known specialities. In Germany, it’s something of an all-rounder – and can be found in almost every food shop.

On account of its exceptional visual appeal and great taste, Westphalian pumpernickel enjoys an excellent reputation here and in almost 100 other countries across the world, too. Even though it’s made of nothing but wholemeal and grains of rye – with hulls and shoots – as well as water and salt. In any case, yeast, malt and sugar-beet syrup may also be added, but preservatives are a no go.

Made by hand, Westphalian pumpernickel is, however, given ample time to develop and infused with passion in an elaborate production process – a luxury in the world of food yet a matter of course for the manufacturers, who rely solely on traditional methods and who take ingredient sourcing and authentic results extremely seriously.

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